With the whimsical Budapest as background to the Fall/Winter 22-23 Campaign, a city full of antitheses, a city that calls us to embark on a journey though time, on a constant contrast between now and then. The campaign features an array of models lost in the electric atmosphere of a 70s style retro glam hotel, participants to a party that might have just ended or never begun in the first place. In parallel, the designer entices us to follow her in a spiral of exploration between the past, the present, and the future, transporting her own electric soul and infusing it to her every moment.

The Electric Souls Collection takes form and becomes alive in the corridors of the hotel, out in the streets of Budapest, a collection that is bold, dynamic and multifaceted like the city iteself, ready to uncover and highlight all the different aspects of your personality. Inspired by the most glorious & iconic figures who electrified the crowds with their talent, the collection is designed for authentic appearances that radiate confidence, liberating fashion’s do’s and don’ts while celebrating one’s personal style. Vibrant colors, carefully selected fabrics and an abundance of choices from T-shirts & jeans to faux furs & coats, gives you the freedom to endlessly mix & match and create distinctive outfits that suit you. Whether you are going for a more minimal and everyday look or a more extravagant, showstopping outfit, every piece is specifically created to let you express your truest, boldest self.