The Electric Souls Collection is inspired by the most glorious & iconic figures who electrified the crowds with their talent, designed for authentic appearances that radiate confidence, liberating fashion’s do’s and don’ts while celebrating one’s personal style.

The FW22-23 features some signature shapes, characterized by oversized volumes, shoulder pads, glossy touches and rock details, transforming each look into a statement piece. Highlight your individuality by creating looks with character. Your character. Your energy. Your SOUL!

An energy synonymous to dynamism, vividness and that spark found within each of us, which in turn takes form through the “power dressing” references that are prominent in the Electric Souls Collection. To have an “electric soul” means to have the ability to attract the attention of people around you, even magnetize them. This high voltage, intense condition created by the power of electricity is directly associated with the glamorous essence of this year’s collection.